Prices for all yurts and accessories are subject to VAT.


Yurts – Diameter3 Days Rental1 Weeks Rental
The Palace Yurt£7,500£7,500
The Long Yurt (70ft x 24ft)£3,500£3,500
42ft Pavilion (13m)£3,500£3,500
34ft Pavilion (10m)£2,250£2,250
24ft (7m)£665£798
20ft (6m)£535£640
16ft (4.8m)£383£459
14ft (4.3m)£325£395
12ft (3.6m)£285£345
Catering Gazebos (6m x 3m)£125£160
Traditional Canvas Marquee 15ft£250£325
Geodesic Dome 19ft£450£500


Bell Tents3 Days Rental1 Weeks Rental
5m Bell Tent£160£190
4m Bell Tent£120£145
Cabanon tent£110£132


Accessories3 Days Rental 1 Weeks Rental
PA system Bluetooth with optional DJ Mixer£150£200
Disco lights (ADJ Stinger 2)£30£36
22' Diameter Dance Floor£350£490
16? Circular Dance Floor£250£350
Curved top table£32£40
Trestle Tables (6’x 27?)£5£7.50
Extra matting for outside yurts installed (per metre)£2.50£3
Festoon lights on poles for walkways installed (per metre)£3£3.60
Kadai Fire Bowl£32£38
Bunting for wedding yurt£40 (for you to hang)£100 (hung for you)
Woodburning Stove£75£100
Wood for stoves£20 per stove per night£20 per stove per night
Double Bed, Mattress & Linen£60£72
Double Mattress & Linen£40£48
Single Bed & Linen£35£42
Single Mattress & Linen£25£30
Single Mattress & Sleeping bag£15£18
Persian Style Rug£15£18
Egyptian Pouffe Cushions£6£7.20
Deck Chairs£8£10
Scatter Cushions£2£2.40
Candle Lanterns with candles£6£7.20
Low Circular Tables£8£9.60

Our prices include all set-up and de-rigging as well as ground sheets, doors and lighting.

Do let us know if there is anything else that we offer that will make your event the more memorable and spectacular!